Everything I Need to Know About Weight Loss.................... I Learned on American Idol

Okay, maybe not EVERYTHING but here are some things I have learned;
                      {in random order}

In everything you do, do your best, even weight loss.

Practice is essential - don't look at every day as a performance but as a practice.  (Even the audition in its entirety is preparation for the next big step!) Leave room for learning!

Dress for success - look the part with all your ability, this helps to keep the mental game up.

Don't take criticism personally but do know your limits.

A good attitude is essential. 

Everyone has their own style, do it your way. 

Bring along a hand full of friends and family.  They can comfort your failures and celebrate your successes - never try this alone!

Patience, Preparedness and Perseverance = the triple threat of success!

It's okay to cry happy tears, and it's okay to cry sad tears - but don't cuss the people who are just trying to do their job.  It makes you look pathetic. 

But most of all, there has been a catch phrase that I have heard them use several times and it really prompted me to write this post, "I'm afraid this is going to swallow you up".  Those iffy contestants that maybe didn't have the confidence, or the practice, or the look....something was missing.  In my efforts here to be healthy, I have to be very strong and soundly convicted of the need to press on.  If I do not come at this with confidence and conviction, it is very likely that I will be "swallowed up" as I have been in the past.  Weight loss and life changing habits are not for wimps, for silly girls trying to be sexy or idiots trying to get attention.  This is the hardest journey a person can travel, in my opinion, other than serious disease.  I need to have my mental game on everyday, and be selling this to myself at every turn - you can do this, you need to do this, you will do this - cause baby you deserve this! 

I have the golden ticket dawg
                  and I am goin' to Hollywood!

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  1. well hello. I liked your post. I like how you write. You are right. You do have to sell yourself this life every single day. I sometimes forget how I did it. But I think I just did it one day at a time.
    Good luck.


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