The Detox

Funny thing, I was thinking about and actually researching (online) how to detox.  Not drug and alcohol detox but every day cancer reducing detox and body cleansing.  Then while facebook stalking one of my dear friends, I saw he was commenting about detox too.  In short, he sent me a bootleg (which I do not approve of but didn't turn this one down) copy of the detox plan he has signed up for and he actually went shopping the next day for his supplies.  Not to be outdone, or left to my own devices where I can sometimes end up getting lazy, I jumped on the ol' bandwagon with him.  Now I am eating broth for breakfast and wondering how my life ended up like this....but actually, as I mentioned before, I know how I got here.  A few years of eating whatever and whenever I wanted. 

When I was younger I could eat the Wx2 (W squared = whatever x whenever) the thing is I really wasn't that into food.  I could power down occasionally when my mom made a great dinner but i didn't like the feeling of being full to the brim and I always, always, left a bite or two on my plate.  Those late few bites just started to disgust me.  So now that I am an adult with stresses and BOREDOM food has become a great hobby.  That is a whole blog or a few blogs if I am being truthful.  These days, those last bites don't disgust me, they scare me.  Is the pleasure about to stop?  Now that this fun activity of eating this yummy food is done how will I entertain myself.  How long until I can pop some more yummy stuff in the oven and feel happy and satisfied again?  Ouch - this is painful to admit. 

So it seems, I am not just detoxing my body (and by the way I did add some veggies and brown rice to my broth) I seem to be detoxing my mind.  Where did all this stinking thinking come from?  When did I become so lazy that my only entertainment is food, television and computer?  That is not the real me - some imposter has invaded my body and sent me down the path to fat girl purgatory - but wait, that imposter is me.  So sad to say, the person that did this to me is the Kim that doesn't care enough about herself, the one that worries too much about other people and not enough about herself. 

I am headed now to put on my walking shoes and get on the treadmill.  Tomorrow's topic may be, how is it I have time for all this healthy stuff?

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