Welllllll...Eliud Kipchoge ran a marathon – in 2:00:25


I watched some of it and felt a little let down that he didn't make it.  But really?  I didn't feel all that bad he didn't break the 2 hour marathon record because I was too excited and happy for him that he got so close.  I think three athletes showed up, took a risk, and did their best, in front of thousands of people.  Courage and strength.

I watched on twitter and I was not completely surprised by the negativity I saw there.  Many comments were positive and supportive but there was a fair share of negativity. It is what it is, as folks say often these days. And about that negativity - I see it sometimes...

Seems some folks get ruffled when other folks try new things.

Seems some folks get ruffled when other folks believe in themselves.

Seems some folks think they are the judge and jury for what is good, right and prudent.

Not me, not on this.  I don't think these amazing runners need my approval, my applause, my permission to do what they feel led to do and probably got paid a large sum to do.  Good for them. Good for their families.  Good for sports that we are always stretching further and trying harder.

In the end, to be a winner in running you only have to cross the finish line.  Just don't quit.  Its a singular sport.  A personal sport that we share with others.  You may not win first place but getting out there and doing your best makes you a winner in my book.

Sure, some folks may get ruffled that you tried something new.

Sure, some folks may get ruffled because you believe in yourself.

Sure, some folks will think they are your judge and jury and they get to decide what is good, right and prudent.

That's gonna have to be on them.

If I could have joined them I would have. I loved it. I think all great things we do draw criticism from others. Let 'em talk you down, let 'em rant and rave, let 'em throw shade...

Thank goodness for headphones!

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!


  1. I'm pretty lucky, no one in my life ever says anything negative about my trying new things. My resistance to change, when it occurs, which is pretty often, is squarely on me and my own projections of what "others" might think. You'd think figments of the imagination would be easy to deal with but I still fight them and sometimes they win!

    1. haha - well that can happen to me too. Clearly whether real or imagined - it is best that we just forge ahead! But yeah - I need to watch out for the figments too! Good reminder!


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