To Sweat or Not To Sweat - That Is the Question

Oh boy! It is HOT in the south.  My husband and I took the dogs out for a little walk around the park and in two minutes the sweat was rolling off my face like a river.  At 7:30 the temp was still in the 90's.  Hot, Hot, HOT! 

The deal is, as a lady, I fall for the notion sweat is bad.  It can be smelly, awkward, embarrassing and uncomfortable.  It can cause all kinds of problems like chaffing and rashes.  But if I want to really be an athlete, and I do, I have to at least be comfortable and embrace this thing called sweat. 

At first this was difficult. I did feel uncomfortable.  I felt sticky and yucky and just irritable. Then I started creating more and more sweat.  I started increasing my effort and the sweat started flowing. After awhile I gave myself over to it and wow, I began to relax into the sweaty, red-faced gal that wasn't embarrassed but was proud of my sweat soaked shirt. I began to glory in a body that can cool itself and create a way to keep going even when the temperature is not so pleasant.

I bought a headband.  Who cares what my hair looks like?  I'm trying to lose the weight of an extra person that I carry around.  Who cares if the front of my shirt looks like I poured my bottled water over me?  I am trying to leave behind the bad decisions of the last 8 years.  Who cares that when I get in the car to drive home the air conditioner reveals that more of me is wet than that which is dry.  And by the way, if my car starts smelling like a locker room I could care less.  I will smile all the way to Bath and Body Works where I will purchase some really strong car deodorizer.  I don't care.

I know there are some people who hate to sweat.  We talk about this out on the road as the sting of sweat trickles into our eyes. I say, I can tell I'm working out, my eyelids are sweating.  I'm so proud. It's okay that my walking buddy doesn't like sweat.  Everyone has their limits. 

But me, I am learning to love it.  I am sooo glad I'm out there working so hard that sweat is necessary.  I'm so proud of the body that once did very little sweating and is now producing enough to keep me going.  I'm so proud I pushed through my discomfort and began to focus more on the goal than the obstacle.  There is more to come, I have not arrived.  But I have answered a burning question and I am happy about my decision. 

Am I going to give just enough effort, on nice days to perspire a little and work up a good glisten?  Heck no!  I'm going all out and if I'm lucky there won't be a dry stitch when I am done. 

To sweat or not to sweat? By all means enjoy the sweat Kimberly. You earned it!

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!


  1. Your sweat and stinky-ness is a badge of honor. a true athlete. It means you actually DID something :)

  2. Embrace the sweat - it's an outward sign of your committment to getting healthier!

  3. Did you know when you sweat, your body literally is ridding itself of toxins...it's great for you.


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