Contemplate the Miniatures

Just in case you were wondering about how alcohol affects your diet...I thought the article above was informative, maybe a little simplified but still good information and "food for thought".

So yesterday I hit on something that I want to repeat (for myself - because sometimes I'm slow). The big decisions about being healthy don't just come in the big moments.  In fact, many of the really important decisions come in the most tiny moments of the seemingly insignificant details.

It is not about being perfect but it is about being present.  Watching those moments and making sure they don't slip past me and begin to add up.  Little tick marks, four vertical, one diagonal, now its a symbol for five. Each one by itself, insignificant, added together, they become more substantial. 

That split moment when I decide whether to take my lunch in the morning or even be super smart and prepare my lunch in the evening, those are the moments when success is created.  That extra helping of something yummy, even if it is something healthy, when I'm already satisfied, saying no, that's a moment!  It is so easy to miss those moments, they can pass without us even noticing.

Like the tiny miniature pieces in a doll house.  I need to lean in closely, focus, take time and appreciate those little moments.  If I can think of each moment as a miniature piece of the whole part I think that will help me take those tiny decisions seriously.  Contemplate:

verb con·tem·plate \ˈkän-təm-ˌplāt, -ˌtem-\

Full Definition of contemplate
  1. transitive verb
  2. 1 :  to view or consider with continued attention :  meditate on <contemplate the vastness of the universe>
  3. 2 :  to view as contingent or probable or as an end or intention <contemplate marriage>
  4. intransitive verb

Focus on the miniatures, don't hesitate - contemplate.

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!!

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