5k All the Way

I did it!  We did it!  Me and my man!  I know, some of you are out there doing your half marathons and marathons and a little 5k is nothing to you! But this gal couldn't even do dishes 18 months ago without severe lower back pain.  I couldn't walk around a shopping center without being sweaty and out of breath.  In just over a year's time I have claimed my life back and dammit it feels so good!  Oh I still have a long way to go but you know what?  I did a 5k on Saturday and then....

Went to a state park on Sunday and walked another 4 miles!  And I lived to tell about it!  I need and want to say, I turned 50 in September and I am in better health than I have been for the last several years.  I know I can't stop here but must keep challenging myself to press ahead.  Weight loss is stalled out right now but healthy eating and exercise are the constant in my mind and happening routinely.  I know I will lose another 20 like I did last year if I just keep increasing the calorie burn and decreasing the intake but I want to do it slow and steady and I want it to be more about my lifestyle changing for forever than numbers on a scale.  All I can say is, I'm working on it!  It is the most difficult and challenging thing I have ever done and it may very well be because I have to do it for me and me alone.

I am the only one that matters in this and I am the only one to please. Sure it will make my dad happy, he has an aversion to fatness.  Sure it will make my husband happy, what husband doesn't want a svelte 140 pound wife over one that is just slightly plumper than that?  Sure it will make my kids happy - they want me to be healthy and feel like playing with grandkids and staying up late playing Settlers of Catan with them.  Sure it will make my doctor happy and he can quit giving me the little weight loss pep talks (gag me).  I'm totally sure it would please a host of others as well - friends, bosses, co-workers....but the real truth is - none of that really matters - I'm doing this for me.

For me - by me - it is the only way I know. I'm glad others are happy for me.  I'm glad others, like my husband, my grown children, join me.  But I'm also glad I understand this is for me and it is all up to me.  It started with the smallest of efforts and it has grown and is growing! What's next?  Who knows?  One day I was dreaming about doing a 5k and the next thing I know - I'm there!  I re-learned what I may have forgotten, if I dream about and set goals toward and do the work for "it", I can still do "it".  I still got "it"!

 Go ME! 

5k All the Way!

...and the crowd of me...goes crazy!!!!!

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!!


  1. Congrats on completing your 5K!! Yeah You! As someone who has been doing maintence for many years I can say you are right the only way your changes will last is if you do them for yourself and no one else after all it is your body the one you have to live in for all of your life! Again, Congrats no telling what all you might accomplish next! Keep setting goals, Keep dreaming! Keep doing one day at a time. PS I found your blog through Crabby Fitness:)

    1. I love Crabby Fitness! She is so real and witty! Thank you so much for stopping by and reading! Congrats on your maintenance! I hope to be back there some day! Just have to keep trying right!?

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