Warning - You May Not Like What I'm About to Say

Just thought I better make that disclaimer right off the top.  Since I am from the south, as in "The South" my views are often askew to my friends and family. I do feel bad about this, I really do like to fit in and be appreciated and loved but when it comes to these views, I just can't roll with the flow.  I know there are a growing number of people who agree, but many that still disagree.  I just want to share my joy and passion as it bubbles over into all the positives that I am trying to line up right now in my life!

I wasn't raised to be a liberal and really I don't think I am.  I do not support the legalization of marijuana.  I think pot is a dangerous drug that honestly, I have never seen anyone use and become more productive.  Its bad enough we have legal alcohol - and many wish that weren't true but no, I'm not a liberal.  But I am not a conservative either.  I don't really think that just because I'm not into smoking pot that you should be judged by me because you do. I think that is between you are your God or gods.  I am just trying to establish myself as a fence rider as far as the laws of man go. I live and let live much of the time.  I have my values, my morality, my character but I can back up and give you a wide berth as you figure out yours.  I do not claim to have all the answers, if I did, I wouldn't be dirt poor living on the cusp, just being real.

But on this issue, I do feel I'm right.  I do feel some moral conviction, although I'm not really going to give you a sales pitch on how you should feel the same way.  So what am I climbing the ladder to get on top of my soap box for?  I believe in extending grace and love in my relationships with others of different races. 

Just in case a few of my devout Christian friends are still with me, I must let you in on a little secret, Jesus was a Jew.  He would not be marking the color box for White/Caucasian on his job application. I think this news has been out for awhile but just in case some folks missed that, I thought I should bring it up.  I really can't get into the whole White Supremacist thing or any version there of.  I do not believe for one minute that one race is better than any other, unless it is the Jewish race as it relates to  the Jewish culture/religion. But I really think even God's chosen people changed with the birth of Christ. Of course these are just my views and have nothing to do with weight loss but they are leading up to the point and forming the basis for what I'm about to share.  Please be patient.

Anyway, I wasn't raised to believe this way.  My family has their own variety of feelings on this subject and I accept that.  But I want to say I like people from other cultures.  I like to learn from them.  I like to explore life through their eyes.  I like to know them.  I like for them to know, in as much as I can fight off being raised in the South and exposed to prejudice talk and actions my whole life, I do just that.

And this is the point of all this, while here in Memphis I have the opportunity to be an ambassador of peace to other races as I never have before.  It thrills me to no end to have a painting class full of African American women and I have the chance to show them respect, courtesy and sometimes even the love of friendship that flows between women who have similar life experiences or at least similar interests.  It is my privilege to stand among these women and serve them.  It is also the richest joy I have felt in a long, long time. I am always blessed when they accept me, when they smile at me, when they see me not as the offspring of a white slave owner that ripped their ancestors from small villages and made them the pivotal point of all their greed.  They see me as a human being.  They judge me not by the color of my skin but by the strength of my character and I do the same for them. 

I know there may be people in my reading audience who have suffered tragedy at the hands of a person of another race.  I have not.  Not that I know of anyway and I hope I do not ever suffer tragedy at the hands of any race including my own but I have lived long enough to know and believe, every race and culture have both good and evil in their midst.  I can rest in that. I do believe in God's eyes we are created equal.

So what does this have to do with my healthy life and eating right?  I guess the only thing I can tie it to is passion.  I have passion for something other than food.  I am glad to be a part of something bigger than me.  Sure it is just a painting class, and not even a class really, it is just for fun.  But it is a chance to learn and grow and prove to myself what I always thought was true, there are different cultures for sure, and that goes way beyond skin color.  Skin color does not mean anything but skin color.  While race is loosely tied to culture, more and more we are all a part of the human race. I wanted to mark this time in my life with a snapshot of words.  Ambassador of peace.  I hope I always am!  I hope this acceptance expands to other areas of my life that could use a little peace.  I don't think I saw this coming, but I'm glad I forged ahead not knowing what was around the bend.  What a nice surprise!

That's all ~ Thanks y'all


  1. In the end we are all human beings, with our own strengths and weaknesses, virtues and faults. IF only we could all remember that.


    1. The Human Race, that's the color box I want to check. I am much more interested in your character than your color.


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