Any Excuse is a Good Excuse Part 2 Ducks at the Fair

I have addressed this before, any excuse is a good excuse.  There is a  post out there by that name.  Today, I'm coming at it from a different but similar path.  It bears repeating I guess since it is one of the themes of the overweight or any kind of addict. Bear with me as I repeat myself.

Any Excuse is a Good Excuse!

There are some valid excuses for not exercising. One of mine is PMS (sorry guys) I won't launch into my list of symptoms but suffice it to say, while waiting on Mother Nature to FINALLY declare me past the age of being able to birth any more children, her wrath has become unbearable.  Geesh - I had four babies can we just wrap this up please?

So usually I go with the excuse, which is true but it's still an excuse, I just don't feel good today I'm not going to walk/exercise. And I don't.  For three or four days I feel like crap, like really sick. But, this month I decided to tell Mother Nature to take a hike.  If I'm going to feel bad, I might as well feel bad out there walking and looking forward to feeling good. 

I realized today that while not feeling good is a good and valid excuse for not exercising, it is not the action that will help me reach my goals.  So I powered through.  It may not have been my best hour walk but it wasn't horrible either.

Point being, there are often really good reasons I miss a chance to eat healthy, take a good walk or do something that will benefit me.  I think as much as possible, as often as possible, not counting serious injury or illness, I need to push through more and more.  I need to take those justifiable "reasons" for backing out and examine them so I can see them for what they are, road blocks to my success. 

This is the spirit of a winner, an overachiever, an overcomer - we shall overcome! How??  By shooting down every excuse like ducks on the conveyor belt at the fair. Pop, Pop....Pop...Pop 

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!


  1. Oh great! Just GREAT!!! You went and blew away the excuse (the reason?) for not exercising when Mother Nature is visiting.


    Now I'm gonna have to do the same!


    Good on ya!

    1. Hahaha - and here is more bad news. I felt better after my walk. Go figure. yeah, so easy to let a bad day keep me from doing what would make it a better day! Sorry I blew it for you too! Maybe some day we will both thank me ;)


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