Touchdown...Now What?

Welllllllll....it has been a lengthy absence on my part.  Beginning a new job and commuting to "the city" each day took its toll on me. I found out that I have severe sleep apnea.  Not just to the regular degree but according to the sleep clinic, one of the worst cases they have seen. The C-Pap (breathing machine) that was prescribed for me is like a monster that forces air into my lungs to keep the airway open and I cannot stand it.  It blows so strongly that I cannot breathe against it and feel like I'm drowning in air. 

All this to say, life has been difficult. Working full time was difficult.  I was always sleepy and always having trouble concentrating and staying alert.  Not to mention, I had a boss that was ill-equipped to deal with these issues (and many others but that's his story and I don't want to make it mine.)  So being overweight is now costing me even more in life and I am weary of the problems it has created. 

But...and thank God there is a but, life is changing.  We have finally made a huge leap, and by we, I mean my husband and I. We have moved to Cordova, TN, just outside of Memphis.  He is in nursing school and hoping to go on to be a nurse practitioner.  I will have to write about this in length some time but for now it is enough to say, life has changed.  We are trying to sell our house, we are living in an apartment, we are forced to walk our dogs every day.  This walking of the dogs means everyone is exercising!!!  TOGETHER!!  This brings me great hope.  Also, the fear of the future is less now that we are finally here. There is still some fear but it is more about real things than the fear of the unknown that I have been dealing with for many, many years. 

I am looking for the right job.  I am working on bettering my health.  I am trying to figure out at almost 49 what I need to live out my remaining life as a happy, well adjusted woman and losing 100 pounds is high on the list.  Very high. 

So I am back here writing my blog because A) I enjoy writing and the creative release it gives me and B) it helps to document my efforts and record the successes and failures. C) I hope to connect to others that have similar journeys.

It seems that since we finally "touched down in the land of the delta blues" it is time to really start that new life I was dreaming about.  I can be anyone I want and grow new roots as well as new branches and new leaves. It's the chance to truly begin anew.  So the big question after scoring one for the home team, Now What? I guess we shall see about that...

That's all, thanks y'all!



  1. That's great that you have to walk the dogs every day. Walking is a winner. And until you have that new job, walk LOTS! A friend of mine lost 75 pounds over the last year and a half, she's still going. She started with walking. Then running slowly at intervals and riding her bike and now she's taking swimming lessons. Awesome! You can do this! Oh and we're both staring down the barrel of a milestone birthday -- I'll be 40 at the end of November. I'd like to look significantly different by then. :)

  2. You got this, Kim. We're both in new places and should use this an opportunity to create new and awesome adventures!

    If you ever need encouragement or support, I'm here for you. I've been using my not knowing anyone here to get to the gym everyday and eat healthier. Eating a Paleo lifestyle & not drinking hardly at all have been a huge game-changer towards my results.


    Call me whenever!

  3. Thanks buddy! Gonna check out the Paleo and yes not drinking is very helpful! We eat pretty healthy around here and I really believe the exercise will be key. I'm gonna call - and soon!


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