Journey with no end

I had a horrible week last week - frustrating.  I ate well when I could and I tried to be prepared but in the end..it all fell apart.  This is where the blogging is no longer about finding cute little anecdotes or bringing interesting things to the table that will keep readers coming back. 

This is from the trenches! This is me duking it out with me but not in a mean or judgemental way, in a loving supportive way.  So, if you are looking for cute, I am not gonna be that, I'm going to sound a little like Charlie Sheen - just joking.  But the truth in that is that I didn't feel like my food intake was under my control, I felt more like I was flapping in the wind, kind of hit or miss.

 I hope some of you will stay with me, I totally need your support. 

The main problems, as I see them, are time and time.  The first time means i put in 10 to 11 hour days and that is not easy. I have to figure out how to plan and proceed with so little extra time.  The weekends are about catching up and prepping up but I also desperately need to rest and visit family.  The second problem with time is that with limited time, there is also limited time to explore new foods and recipes and I find myself eating the same stuff week after week - and you know how that goes. 

As I move ahead I am looking for solutions.  I am proud that I have learned a GREAT TRUTH...no matter what happens, I don't want to beat myself up or let others put pressure on me.  I am doing what I can, that's all I can do. 

This is life, this is the journey.  The end is only when I draw the last breath, every thing else is just a learn as you go adventure. 

That's all - Thanks Ya'll!


  1. You are writing this blog for yourself. Write what you need to write, and don't worry about what others think. "Cute and funny" on a regular basis is not realistic, nor will it heal old wounds or help you find new directions. It is for entertaining others--remember this is for you!

  2. I know how you feel. That's kind of where I am right now. We have to be kind to ourselves at this point and just go forward. it's just not always easy is it? Hang in there.

  3. I think we might be on the same boat, but if we hang in here together, we won't sink this boat! I work 10-hour days usually 6 days a week and, like you, I'm trying to reconcile having so little time for things besides work. Family first, always, and then whatever time is left over is ... usually not enough for the have-to's let alone the want-to's. I totally understand your frustration and if you can't vent it here on your own blog, where else would you go - except take it out on people you don't want to take it out on! We worry so much about "entertaining" others with our blogs, (me, for sure), that we forget why we're blogging in the first place - to help ourselves. Glad you were honest. I found it refreshing to know that you are facing the same time challenges that I am and finding it just as frustrating. There's comfort in sharing our struggles! Hang in there, my friend. Together we can do this!!


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