And now a word from a fellow blogger....

I have been blogging now for about two months.  If you have followed the thread at all, you have noticed I have been all over the place.  One day ready to train for a marathon, the next week lamenting the fact that I am already weary of the effort of eating right. 

I read a great post today that helped me see that I am not alone:

REAL FAT: Waiting for the Upswing

I am finding my way one day at time.  I am all over the place for sure, because even though I want to attack this new lifestyle with a vengeance I have other changes in my life that require more attention right now.  Things that pay the bills, like the new job.  Things that are immediate, like spending quality time with my children.  Things that are part of life's reality, like getting sick and having to work my way back. 

But what this young woman wrote in her blog is so similar to how I feel.  I know in the downswing, that the upswing is coming. I am learning in the upswing to guard myself from the downswing that is inevitable.  I am no longer filling my life with mindless eating of chips and salsa.  I am going to bed earlier.  I am cooking greens and brown rice even now as I write (my effort to ERF - eat real food!)  I am finding many ways to eat better, to exercise, to be healthy and happy. 

This is why I do it - blogging I mean.  It keeps me learning, it keeps me accountable, it helps me help others by reading and commenting on their posts.  I give and I take.  I hope I give in proportion to what I take, that would be amazing, but even if I am not succeeding at that, I am trying. 

Thankful to day to be where I am.  Balanced and ready to keep improving, a day at a time. 

That's all, Thanks Ya'll!


  1. We learn day by day, hour by hour and minute by minute. From each other and ourselves. It's not easy, this trying to do what's right all the time. And really what's right today may not fit tomorrow so the rules change all the time. But we'll get it figured out, one day at a time.
    Take care my new friend. Do sleep well and have a blessed day tomorrow.

  2. You have given me a lot of support and encouragement with your blogging and your always kind and helpful comments. In fact, I relate very well to your "all over the place" energy and I think that's what makes your blog one of my favorites. We all know how to eat and exercise so who cares what you eat today. What matters are your feelings and challenges and how you're handling them and you, my blogging friend, inspire me with the way you're handle yours!

  3. I have been all over the place, too. But, we always find our way if we just keep plodding along. :) There is not right or wrong way to do this, but if we are kind to ourselves and keep mindful of our actions, we can make real and lasting changes! :) This I KNOW!!! My journey might not look like someone else's, and your's won't resemble mine, but we can feel good about our own journey, always!! :) Thanks for sharing your journey. Create a great day!

  4. We can do this...one day at a time, one meal at a time...find some time to get a little walk in...we'll get there...

  5. What wisdom. I really like how you look at it, the balance of the upswings and downswings. I always looked at it as the tide... coming in, going out. Sounds like you are hitting your stride. :-)


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