the dreaded goals

I am working on setting my goals for the coming year.  If you are good at goal setting I could use some help.  I am not that good at goals, setting or obtaining them (the artist in me I suppose).  I am adding a link to a helpful site that calculated my BMI which is 46.1 right now...oh lord. 

My first goal is to get down to a BMI of 29.2 which is considered overweight but not obese.  So if I could be just overweight and not obese my world will be perfect right?  Confetti will fall and little fairies will dance around my head waving wands that spread magic fairy dust?  No?  Well at least I will have a mental victory as well as a physical one.  Being overweight is mentally better than being obese.  I remember 165 and though I wasn't happy there - I wasn't miserable. 

I am giving myself one year to this.  That will be 70 pounds in 365 days...lets see....that's .19 pound per day or 1.34 pounds per week. 

Another goal, a 5k in April - walking of course. 

That's all for tonight - Open to suggestions - sites anything that's free....

Thanks ya'll

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  1. Well, hi! I'm glad you stopped by my blog. :)

    Re: the four pounds. The reason it is so disappointing is that I really lost 21 pounds (which really wasn't much of a showing) by September--and gained 17 back from October thru December. :( Apparently, I have issues. chuckle. sigh. groan.

    I'll be back when I have time to read thru your blog some and get to know you.



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