Once a Junkie, always a junkie?

Well, well, wells...

I went to an award banquet last night for my father-in-law, Dr. Wells.  Talk about your over-achiever.  The optimist club was awarding him a community service award based on his years as an Optimist, Boy Scout Leader, local physician, and these days, a retired doc in the service of his community as the co-founder of a free health care clinic for folks without insurance.  (This is just the tip of the ice burg)  I am not qualified to speak of his many accomplishments but I bring this up as a challenge to myself and others.  We can be bigger than life, not through gaining 100 pounds but through serving our fellow man.  Want to see the scale move?  Spend more time thinking of and working for the good of others and less time sitting on your butt watching t.v.  (Speaking to myself here)  Anyway - that was just a sidebar.  Congrats to Dr. Wells and his wonderful wife, my second mom, JoAnn.  You guys set the bar high and I am so proud to be a part of this family.

Now my short blog because I have been watching my grandson all day who has strep and i am exhausted...

Last nights dinner was not tooo dreadful.  Steamed veggies (all the nutrients sufficiently cooked out) new potatoes, pork loin and grilled chicken, salad and cheesecake.  I think I handled myself pretty well.  I did put ranch on my salad but only ate a small portion.  i did eat three new potatoes and it felt like swimming in noodles - heavenly, and all my pork and half a chicken breast (tiny boobed chicken)  No roll - no cheesecake.  But after eating that, I wanted a Big Mac.  It wasn't near as filling or satisfying as my dinners.  Don't know why but I am guessing, even though it was banquet food, it was more focused on flavor than nutrition.  That is the way we judge food in the US of A.  So after the banquet, I did pass on the Big Mac even though I was craving junk food bad.  And today, I got right back to my healthy food but the thought of junk has haunted me all day. 

I don't know if I will ever get past this point.  A taste of the smack leaves me hungry for more.  I think it is better for me to dine in as much as possible for now and avoid the salty, buttery crack that leaves me craving a bigger "fix". 

It was worth it to tempt myself to see what happened (and to join my family in celebration) but I don't want to invite disaster, so I won't be trying to tempt myself again any time soon.....I hope.  Junkies don't go around the old neighborhood if they wanna stay clean....

B= left over stir fried rice with asparagus L= sweet potato with a few cashews D= flounder and fried rice with broccoli


  1. Sorry if I missed this somewhere on here, but are you following a specific diet or plan? The reason I am asking is because you're eating so very little! Maybe it's just to day though but wow, that's really nothing! Eating so little would lead me directly to a binge after a few days or maybe even a week. I know weight loss is the goal, and eating less calories is the way to accomplish that but do you think you'll be able to really sustain this type of diet in the lorg run (or maybe you're just going to do this for a while and then switch modes)? (I'm asking in a curious way, not an attacking way, I know it's hard to tell via typing).

  2. okay yes, I remember now, you're doing a detox. whew!

  3. Just to clear up any misconception, I was doing detox but am now incorporating some of the foods in the detox into my every day diet. It may seem like I am eating very little because when I list the foods, I have reduced it down to the minimum description for brevity. In all honesty, I am eating as much as i normally do, just eating more healthy. (Minus the late night snacking I used to do!) I snack on berries in the morning and usually nuts during the day. The day i had only the sweet potato for lunch was just a matter of not having time to cook and I was starving by dinner. When I say fried rice with asparagus, it also has almonds and diced green onion and I have about 2 cups of asparagus to one cup of rice. Asian food is my favorite so I will be doing a lot of fried rice with this or that.

    I am now starting to branch out from the detox and find healthy things to add to my diet. I am listing my daily food choices more for myself than anything, but I am glad you commented and gave me a chance to clarify. Does this make more sense? I know it will be changing and evolving over time. Thank you for commenting! I know you are right about not eating leading to a binge - I will be blogging about that later.


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