The Acme School of Cheerleading


Did you watch cartoons when you were growing up?  Not some of that garbage the kids watch today (hahaha I know its not all garbage but I have to sound judgmental and old-ladyish to make my point). Well back in the day we watched Road Runner and Wily Coyote.  Wily Coyote was always trying to blow Road Runner up, often with the help of his do-it-yourself kit from acme.

So this is my version of me as Wily Coyote blowing up poor eating habits by ordering the Acme Cheerleading Kit and becoming my very own cheerleader - for me - by me.  I hope my results are a little better than his! 

Okay, here is another hypothetical.  Did you ever play sports for a team with cheerleaders?  I did not.  I tried out for basketball but I had a hard time demonstrating that I took it seriously.  I think my lack of confidence made me feel very vulnerable and I kind of joked my way through basketball tryouts and did not make the team  - not that we would have had cheerleaders for girls basketball anyway. 

However, I did have for a season, and probably still do have, a cheerleader.  I had a friend who as an adult, made me a little printout with her face on the body of a cheerleader cartoon figure and some caption about being my cheerleader.  I know right?  What a friend!  She was trying to lift me up and tell me she prayed for me, she liked me and thought I was way-cool, and that she was on my side.  I never had a friend do that before and have never had one since.  She and I lost touch years ago when our life circles began to shift and we went different ways but we follow each other on facebook and coo over each other's children and grandchildren.  But I will never, ever forget what it felt like to open the door of the laundry cabinet and see Renee's face on that little poster and to remember, no matter what was going on in my life she was cheering for me. 

We can all use that kind of emotional cheerleader in life.  The trouble is there are very few people out there who are natural cheerleaders and there is a lot of need. There is not always someone around when you need them and we do not always feel like sharing our need for cheerleaders.   So I find myself often at loose ends - wanting someone else to validate me, encourage me, watch me score the winning point.  I want someone to make me huge paper banners and let me charge through them before the big game.  But you know what?  If I were to hold my breath while waiting - I would turn blue and keel over some days, still waiting...

So what to do?  That's why I'm enrolling in the Acme School of Cheerleading. Thanks Wily Coyote for coming to mind today and planting this seed.  Its a good one.  I owe you one! If I am actively participating in my own cheerleading, maybe I can at least keep the ball rolling in the right direction!

So if I'm gonna be my own cheerleader here's my list of do's and don'ts...let's start with do's


1.  Do celebrate every success no matter how small, you never know when the tide could shift.

2.  Do whoop and holler and try to get the crowd behind me

3.  Do come up with a few "go-to" cheers for when one of us forgets the routine...two bits, four bits...

4.  Do scream a healthy balance of both defensive and offensive advice

5.  Do always look cute because dang it, cute really sells!

Now the don'ts.


1.  Don't come to the big game with a chip on your shoulder or any kind of  negative energy

2.  Don't point out any mistakes - I know when I've messed up - no need to broadcast

3.  Don't try too hard, that just comes off as, well, trying too hard

4.  Don't isolate yourself from the other cheerleaders, work in a team to cheer me on - it takes a squad

5.  Don't forget who you are cheering for - its me, your hero!!!  Scream it like you MEAN IT!

Well - I hope this works!  Any other do's and don'ts I forgot?  Just add them to the list.  I think those folks that read and especially those that comment on my blog are on the cheer team.  I know I am cheering for a lot of them as well! 

WATCH OUT!  Here comes the cheer squad with my big banner, gotta go do the run through and don't forget to watch out for that crazy cheerleader doing the backflips - she will mow you down - she loves me sooo!

That's all ~ thanks y'all!


  1. Funny how intent can be lost in translation - this is certainly not meant to be an article about look at me I'm so great - this is about how we all need to feel uplifted and special. Sometimes though, we need to be our own cheerleaders, be proud of our accomplishments and pull for our next victory. When I read back over it I thought it could come off as vain or self important - that was certainly not the intent. Going through a slump and needed a bump - sorry if I sound like a chump...hehe thanks y'all!

  2. Oh my goodness, the last thing this post does is come off as self-important!

    It's actually a great reminder, in a very fun way, not to beat ourselves up. In fact, trying to picture actually cheerleaders saying the stuff we do to ourselves during a game would be pretty darn funny. "You screwed up again! You suck! What's your problem?!"

    I like the idea of imaginary pro-crabby cheerleaders--the real kind, in high school, were all kind mean and scary. :)


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