Helpless to Hopeful to Singing in the Shower

I usually write my posts for me.  Recording my journey, thinking some others may identify but even if they don't, I enjoy recording my thoughts, feelings, actions, and I just enjoy writing.

Tonight I'm going out on a limb and writing for "the others". Those who haven't started their journey, have only just begun or have the very same issues I have about sustaining what they have started.

I just want to say, there is hope.

Its really very simple, requiring very few words. 

When I was at the lowest point, eating a bag of chips and some very fattening dip, watching law and order reruns, thinking I deserved every hurdle that was thrown in my path, I felt helpless.  I felt like life was happening TO me. It was all out of my control.  I was out of control. I had no hope of anything ever being good again.  Well maybe a tiny speck but not enough to matter. Not enough to make me put down the chips.

Every time I start to exercise and sincerely, and totally, and honestly begin to pursue my health through diet and exercise, I begin to feel hopeful.  I can look in the mirror and have a sinking feeling that overwhelms me but one mile into a three mile walk and the image of me sitting on that red couch eating chips dissipates.  Exercise drives out helplessness.  If you are out there walking, even a mile, you are clearly, not HELPLESS!  PROOF! VALIDATION!

Once you knit a few walks together and start to see a pattern that funny little thing called hope begins to truly penetrate the fog!  Hope of change grows with every mile you log.  Just start with one and do one until you get sick of one and then do two!  Eventually you will get bored with two and then do three! That my friend is a 5k!  Find one online!  Type in 5k and your state - they are everywhere and usually the money benefits good causes!

The running community will embrace even the walkers if you get out there and hustle.  And they will inspire you!  Many of them were once just like you!  Not even kidding.  If the walk/run thing is not your thing...find some thing, any thing - just do a thing!  and keep doing it, and doing it  and yep, doing it!

One morning this week I rolled out of bed at 4:30 - Yes A.M.  A little before 5:00 a.m. I was on the road.  At 5:15 I was walking 3.5 miles with a couple of cool ladies.  When I was finished, I was elated.  I am starting to feel a habit forming.  A good habit that has nothing to do with those freakin chips.  I bubbled home and got in the shower.  I was singing out loud, "in the jungle, the mighty jungle, a lion sleeps tonight" and it was not pretty but it was beautiful.  Do you know how many helpless moments it has been since I sang anything, especially in the shower. Many. 

Nike was brilliant in their campaign and I love them for it.  JUST DO IT!  anything, something, knit, knot and glue a few days of IT together and you might find yourself feeling hopeful.  Keep it going for a couple of months and before you know it ( fat and all) you might just be singing in the shower!

That's all ~ Thanks Y'all!!!!!!!!


  1. I know it sounds crazy to wake up so early and meet like-minded people to exercise, but it's really a great way to start off your day, isn't it? Love how good you are feeling about life!

    1. Thanks Shelley! It reminds me of childbirth, its scary, painful and takes everything you have, but you forget all that when you hold your new baby. Driving home from a good walk, all I feel is pride and happiness. The pain, the fear - it's all gone. ty for commenting!


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