Roadkill and the Butterfly

I live in the country.  In a little town of about 2,000 folks. You see nature in all its glory and gory in the country.  In the springtime especially, you get your share of gory - gory road kill.  Mostly opossum, skunk, and armadillo but occasionally a squirrel, raccoon or free range yard bird (chicken) will end up - dead side up.  Sad but true.

Driving "across town" the other day I saw a strange thing, a butterfly landed on a roadkill.  I can't say I have never seen this before but if I have it has never registered the way it did on this day.  Lovely spring day, sun shining, trees blooming kind of beautiful day we have here in the south. Beautiful little butterfly and it landed right there on that very nasty, decaying carcass.  Too much?  sorry....but there is a point.

It caused me to think, and think and think. Why would a butterfly want to land on something way past its expiration.  I'm sure there is a reason and if you know, please enlighten me, but for all purpose of common sense I couldn't figure it out. I spent way too much time pondering it I suppose because it stuck in my head.

Eventually this curiosity came full circle into my life experience and made me wonder; Why am I drawn to ugliness? More specifically, what draws me to eat foods that I know for a fact are unhealthy?  Chips loaded with artificial ingredients, tons of bad fats, layered with salty fake spices? What draws me to packaged foods with ingredient names I cannot even pronounce? I realize there really is no correlation between that and the butterfly but it just made me think about my own strange habits.

Our beautiful bodies, so offended by chemicals and scientifically altered food stuff is just as obscene, just as bizarre, just as strange to think about.  (And no, I'm not promoting vegan - although I think it is a perfect match for some folks)

If we eat from the beauty of nature, the robust colors of the garden, the lettuces, the fruits, the flowers how much more in tune we are with nature and how much more simple is our body's make up?

I'm going to ponder this for awhile.  It is a strange thing to see something in nature that seems unnatural. Most of nature makes sense to me. I grew up there, I live there, I get it.  This does not make sense, not for the butterfly or for me.

I'm trying to eat only beautiful things today and drink cool, clear water.  Awww...that's better. Better than landing on roadkill.

That's all ~ Thanks y'all


  1. This is an interesting post. I think even though we know that some foods are bad for us, we continue to eat them because they taste good. Or maybe we are looking for them to fill some void. I think there are a hole host of reasons why and I think it is different for everyone. I think the key is not to beat ourselves up when we eat something that is not really healthy for us, but to try to balance it out with some healthy fruits and vegetables. Just my thoughts on this matter

  2. Good reminder - I don't want to beat myself up, but I also don't want to keep eating things that are really, super unhealthy - at least not to extreme. Thanks for your input! It's all about balance right?


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