I Can't See the Forest for the...Gunk on the Windshield?

My man and I took a trip to Nashville last weekend. I met this really great gal at yoga in Memphis and then what does she do?  She and her husband move to Nashville. Well Gatalin actually. So we drove over there to visit. 

Well a funny thing happened on the way to the Opryland Hotel , actually a lot of funny things, we all enjoy each other so much!  But one thing that really made us cackle, Joe, my friends husband was driving and there was a huge amount of sludge and dirt on his windshield from the misty rain and road gunk.  We are driving down the road, guys in front seat girls in back, and my friend Fi says in an exasperated tone, Joe, why don't you wipe your windshield????  Well that launches a huge discussion about men not washing their windshield because I say the same thing to Steve, my husband, all the time.  I mean ALL THE TIME!  We laughed and laughed about how men and women are soooo different and we all get bugged by some of the same stuff!

Well Steve and I continued to laugh about this into the week because it is a great source of frustration to me and he is all Charlie Brown about it. His theory, men are just not that into the details.  If you can still see out the windshield its good enough, who cares if you can see well or not??  I DO! Lol!

I realized today that I have been like the guys and their dirty, gunky windshields lately.  I am driving and driving well and I'm going to the right places but my windshield is dirty.  I.E. I am not paying attention to the detail. 

I started counting calories this week to see if I could figure out where my diet is off course, find out if I have been battling a dirty windshield and just never noticed.  We eat turkey and lean meat instead of beef.   We eat vegetables and very little processed food.  So I know we have been doing okay.  But weight loss is in the details and I know this.  So I am drilling down to the details and remembering some old things and learning some new.  Those nuts I eat for snack mid morning? A little goes a long, very long way and it doesn't take much to create a misty goo.  That occasional eating out - oh how it splatters the glass with fat and carbs! That glass of wine or bowl of salsa with chips, oh how it becomes like spatter off an eighteen wheeler and my its getting hard to see!

I'm turning on the wipers and spraying the cleaning solution.  I gotta focus on the details and clear out the gunk.  If I don't, I can be the best driver in the world and still run off in the ditch!  Clean your windshield lady - you might just be surprised how dirty it was and what a relief it is when clarity shines through! Awwww, now I see!

That's all ~ Thanks Y'all!


  1. I think your right the details about your diet matter a lot! Plus what worked in the past may not work now. For instance how I lost my original 40 pounds with just calorie counting doesn't work any more now I have to look at the micros of carbs, fats, proteins and keep those carbs much lower or I don't lose and oh I may gain. Post menopause I gain weight way faster than I did before menopause so not fair. I hope you figure out your details and get the junk off your wind shield.

  2. What a great analogy! I think it's really easy to let the details start sliding, it's hard to be "good" all the time, but periodic correction is a smart way to get back on track. And I agree with Susan, the older we get, it feels like the more we gotta do to get the same results, it kinda sucks!


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