Showers Today with a Chance of Smiles

Well, well, well.  How many times have I made a plan only to have it end up falling apart on me or not quite working out the way I hoped - like all the time, but that's life right?

Today, I'm glad to say, a plan has actually worked.  Steve, my husband, and I had many talks upon moving to Memphis about my role in this dream of his.  We both agreed, although some people probably thought we were nuts, that I would wait until after Christmas to find a job.  The first item on the agenda was to start hammering out a healthier life.  Exercise, new foods, new attitudes were all the priorities and work was coming second. (All this came after two years with my head on the sacrificial employment chopping block, working for a boss I had no respect for and he had none for me.  I tried to preform at my best level and he played silly little games and acted like a jackass, probably because he is a jackass and that's how jackasses act)

My gift from Steve was some down time to lick my wounds and figure out who I wanted to be in Memphis.  To make a long story shorter, I just landed my second part-time job as an administrative assistant for a small benefits company.  It is truly amazing.  I can still do my part-time painting gig. I can address both my creative side and my business side. 

I know I am richly blessed today.  I am very grateful to have another job and still have afternoons off for walking and shopping for healthy food. 

So nice when God rains down showers of blessing.  Certainly not because I deserve it.  It is just somehow in His plan - a plan I will never understand.  I'll just humbly accept it and be thankful. For all the showers that have left us gloomy and soaked with rain or sleet lately, its nice to feel showered with the warmth of blessing and a plan coming together. Yeah, I guess its showers today and 100% chance of smiles.

That's all ~ Thanks Y'all


  1. Very upbeat post. I am glad things are coming together for you. God is good.

  2. I disagree when you say you don't deserve God's blessing...we all do! Wishing you the best, smiling with you!

    1. Oops - I just meant I cannot do any actions that make me worthy or deserving, I believe even our worthiness comes from Him not by actions. Maybe we have different philosophies and that's okay too...just wanted to clarify - I don't think I'm unworthy or undeserving, I just don't think my actions are what makes me deserving and I don't have a feeling of entitlement.


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