What I Fear I Create

The title is not original.  I stole it from Dr. Phil who in truth probably borrowed it from someone else.  But those words ring true to me.  And not just from the view point of my fears but other peoples fears about me. When we let fear turn to obsession we often create a situation in which that fear becomes reality - if not a truth in fact it at least becomes a truth in our own minds.  Now that's scary. 

I think this may be even more true in our personal relationships, both with others and ourselves, than anywhere else.  For example, if I were to sit around and wallow in fear that my children were somehow lacking, that fear would become an obsession and that obsession would become a dark cloud that I placed over their heads.  They would see this and maybe it would cause them to question my faith in them. Or maybe this would cause them to think they cannot succeed. I have seen this in many families.  So sad. Better to squash the fear and have faith that my children did learn some positive traits from their flawed parents and they are gonna be overcomers of all life's battles. I would rather paint a cloud of hope over them than a cloud of doubt.  But that  is just one example.

Where there is hope fear cannot take root.  I fear I will never loose this weight.  But I am going to wipe that out with hope. Hope is a thought, hope is an action and hope is an outside force so just pick one and start there. 

Paleo eating is effective.  It lightens my body, I can feel a different energy bubbling without heavy carbs weighing me down.  However it is difficult for the carb loving overweight person to go lean.  I fear I will fail.  I fear I cannot stand the future without my beloved favorites. Ahhhh but I hope that if I can just focus on eating Paleo at most meals and most days that I will begin to see the scale move effectively. 

Weekends are the worst.  I sabotaged my good deeds from last week with unhealthy choices this weekend but I also made some really good choices and I made some "lesser of the evils" choices.  I cannot afford to let myself fall into despair and fear that all is lost.  I must push forward with hope for a string of good days that are not ruled by negative thoughts.  I must use discipline to think positively and fight back against all fears. I will start right back where I know I left off and do the next right thing.  That's really all any of us can do.  Don't focus on the whole picture when we become overwhelmed, just focus on the next meal and then the next will be just that much easier.

Do not let the fear of failure wreck all the good.  Have hope, exercise faith, create something better.

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!

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  1. I've had fear of failure on my mind today (I'm trying to lose weight, too). How cool that I stumbled across your post. I just keep reminding myself that change is scary, but worth it. Hang in there. It sounds like you've done a lot of things right over the past week.


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