Til Death Do Us Part

Til Death Do Us Part...That's a serious vow.  I am committing to you until DEATH parts us.  That is a full blown, lifetime, serious commitment.  Walking the trail by the river Saturday I was thinking about my commitment to a healthy lifestyle. Am I committed to healthy living til death do us part?

I have been married to the same man for almost 25 years so I know I have it in me to make such a commitment and stick with it.  I know what it takes to be committed for a long period of time. It takes determination. It takes creativity.  It takes setting aside personal desires for the good of the relationship.  Sacrifice, planning, more sacrifice and occasionally it takes reinventing the whole world we operate in to make it work.  But that just comes with the territory. Some days are good, some days you just hang on to the next day knowing things always get better.  That's life in a committed relationship. You get out of it what you put into it most of the time.

Some times you have to cut loose.  I was married once before.  A four year stint that produced two beautiful children but not much more.  He had other ideas of what the commitment meant, ideas I couldn't tolerate. It didn't turn out well.  I had to break my vows to survive and protect. That's the way it goes sometimes. Best laid plans and all that.

If you read this blog habitually you may remember the new form of eating I was excited about Paleo. Paleo is where you eat like the cavemen did - meat and veggies, staying away from grains and legumes and anything processed. So how is that going? I think its going great but I have to admit, I'm more like a metro paleo.  I'm the caveman that hunts and forages but sometimes throws in some grains from my city dwelling friends ;) 

I love the lightness I feel in my body when I am not loaded up with carbs that my body has to process. I have realized that carbs are like that really good looking guy you think will make you happy but he never really delivers.  Carbs make me hungry for more carbs, they never really satisfy me.  Carbs promise this hearty, comfort but it is short lived and lasts only while I'm in the moment. Veggies however satisfy. Veggies and lean protein make a powerful team that really deliver in flavor and health.  I have been exploring the world of vegetables like a newly divorced person explores Match.com.  I have tried several new vegetables I never even considered before.  I have to admit its been fun. Flavor, texture and knowing they are packed with nutrition makes the vegetable a win win for folks trying to eat healthy.  You really can't overeat veggies - it just doesn't happen.

I do throw in a carb here and there.  A potato, a corn tortilla and even a small smattering of whole grain bread.  However carbs are not my focus.  I'm not buying into their promise of comfort that often leads to over eating. I'm also not trying to get anywhere with the carb's cousin, unhealthy fats. I want to have a good healthy life and it just doesn't make sense to court the carb and the fat so I think I will just be friends with them.  They are nice guys, super attractive, I mean down right sexy sometimes, but I don't want to marry them.

That leaves me with a decision.  Am I ready to make a lifelong commitment to lean protein, vegetables and exercise?  If you roll them into one and call them a healthy lifestyle, can I walk down the isle and say I DO? Honestly, not yet.  I see the results.  My clothes are baggy, the scale is moving, so what is my problem with commitment?  I guess it's fear of failure.  I don't want to declare lifelong love then let myself down and start the whole cycle up. 

I think right now I would say I'm in a committed relationship with the healthy lifestyle.  I don't want to date anyone else.  I don't have any plans to go off course I'm just not ready to say the vows yet that will commit me to a forever change.  I am trying to get there and I hope I do but I want to do it the right way, in the right spirit when I know I can stand by the commitment and be true to myself and my promise. 

I'm excited about the prospects for the future.  I am really glad I'm taking this commitment seriously and thinking about it in the long term not just giving lip service to what I think I should do.  This is a big step and not to be taken lightly.  I want more time.  I am still healing from the other unhealthy lifestyle and I really think I will know when its time to walk the aisle, embrace the healthy lifestyle and say, For better or worse, In sickness and in health, Til death do us part. 

That's all ~ Thanks y'all!!

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