Step Right Up

I'm not even going to comment about my absence because, who cares right.  If you care about my lack of posts the last two months feel free to comment below that you want to know all the gory details and I will make up a bunch of excuses for ya and weave them into all the stuff that can happen to a girl trying to make some life long change.  Suffice it to say, at least I feel sufficed, Life Happens.

So I have been up and down and all over the place since my last blog update. I am pretty sure blogging helps me stay focused and accountable. So anyone reading this post, consider yourself part of my elaborate accountability program.  Most people would like, ask a friend to be their accountability partner, but apparently, I need a village.  So, go figure, the drama queen and her court. But seriously, I appreciate every one that reads, comments or even thinks about reading my blog.  I like to write, I like to lose weight, I like to be healthy and I like support and supporting others - perfect recipe for success, if I would just keep following it.

Currently I am in the "Getting my fat butt back on track" stage of weight loss and healthy living. I seem to return here a lot. Kind of like baseball, you hit one out of the park and you come around the bases only to find you end up right there where you left off.  The important thing to remember is while you were out there rounding the bases, the score fairy added another digit to your team score.  Somehow, that is not so easy to remember and I find myself anxious about my next "up to bat".  Or heaven help, I do my victory celebration for five pounds lost  and the victory celebration helps me put right back on -  those excruciatingly (whoa big word) difficult to lose but oh so easy to gain back, FIVE FREAKIN POUNDS. (Can you hear the keyboard clacking????)

And then I realize, it really is a game.  It is a game I play with me, Kimberly Wells, it is sometimes a straightforward game of "How to Make Your Favorite Foods Healthy", sometimes a game of, "How to Feel Satisfied and Eat Like a Rabbit" and sometimes the very passive aggressive game of  "How to Act Like You Love Exercise When You Really Wanna be a Depressed Couch Potato". (That last one is my favorite - not really.) 

So....I wanna play, I'm already on the team whether I like it or not. The team of -  I HAVE TO LOSE THIS DAMN WEIGHT BECAUSE IT IS KILLING ME! LITERALLY!  But listen, I don't want to play and lose ( I wanna lose but not like that) I want to win this game!  To win I must practice.  To win I must participate. To win I must plan. To win I must PERSEVERE! Okay? okay! Two Bits - Four Bits - Six Bits a Dollar - If you are younger than thirty five stand up and Holler ( Old cheer - new ending)

So here I am at the fair.  The man with the tall yardstick, bell  and mallet beckon me.  Step Right Up he says.  See if you can ring the bell...I raise the wooden mallet over my head and I let it fly, my aim is off and the mallet glances off the target.  But hey, its three swings for a dollar and if the little metal thing rings the bell some 20 feet above me, I win a stuffed frog that smells like grandmas house shoes.  I wind it up, I let fly, I connect but hitting my mark only takes me half way up the chart. Okay, last try, Wind it up, Say a prayer, Give it everything I've got!  BA-Ding! I hit the bell! 

Its gonna happen,  I just gotta keep stepping up. 

Batter on deck y'all - watch out now - I'm swinging for the fence!

That's all - Thanks y'all!!


  1. I hear you. It sounds like you've learned a lot of lessons on how things don't work. As long as you keep seeking things that do work, you will make it. You have to believe it. I have to believe it, because I too, am struggling. One difference for me is, I have not given up. I am coasting a bit, but I will not give up. I am learning to trust in myself more, that I will not give up. Even if it takes two more months to post, I hope you know, there are a lot of us out here that 'hear' you. Hang in there! :)

    1. Thanks Sherri! If we never give up we never fail. There is no end right? We are making life-long changes!

      Chris on "A Deliberate Life" said the other day, "There is do or don't do, there is no try" Wow. It really hits home!

      Thanks for stopping by and reading and supporting!


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